"Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth to the One who matters." ― Criss Jami


Holt's House of Hope


Mission Statement:

The mission of Holt’s House of Hope is to provide refuge and restoration for the boys of the Dominican Republic and purpose for the community and churches through hope in Jesus Christ.


To present the young men of DR the opportunity to succeed and develop their potential by: educating, disicipling, training, shepherding, mentoring, meeting the needs, and mentoring in fellowship with the local church.

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For more information about Holt’s House of Hope, please visit www.holtshouseofhope.com

This weeks’s estrella is Wilmi. Wilmi has been with us for only a few weeks, but he has quickly earned star status! Wilmi has a great heart and is quick to give a hug or a smile. He’s always respectful and kind, and he is always looking for ways to serve others. He also earned 100% of the possible points for the week for the store. We are so proud of you, Wilmi! Leave comments of encouragement and we will share them with him next week!

Emanuel was our ⭐️ estrella ⭐️ last week. If you’ve been down here, you definitely remember him. He LOVES when groups come to visit! We love his always joyful attitude.

Leaving a Mark for Good



The video “Remembering Holt” was created by a dear friend, Jodi Shaheen. Watching this video will help to inspire you to continue Holt’s legacy by Leaving a Mark for Good!



2017 Pierce County High School Scholarships

Congratulations to The Holt Rowland Foundation 2017 Scholarship winners Terissa Hughes & Will Emory.


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Excerpts from Scholarship Applicants


“I will take his memory and his inspiration with me for the rest of my life in hopes of making a difference in the world and to help others see that ‘HE must become greater, and I must become less’.”

“Though his time on this earth was short live, Holt never missed an opportunity to demonstrate his love for Christ. Through Holt’s example, I am a better friend, a better son, a better brother, and a better baseball player, but most importantly- I am a better Christian.”

“His persistence, humility, and witness have challenged me to strive to overcome complacency in order to make a difference in the world even for the short time I am here. Holt used his passion for the game of baseball, in conjunction with his passion for Jesus Christ, to challenge me to use a passion of my own for the glory of God.”

“Holt loved his Savior Jesus Christ, his family, and his friends more than anything in the world. Everyday Holt displayed his love for everyone whom he knew, and everyone Holt knew loved him as well. Seeing this has influenced me in major ways.”