If I could describe this summer in one word, I would use the word, “Whew!”  I have been so busy the last two weeks from enjoying my family to completing projects. Today, things finally slowed down a little, and I decided I would sit and try to write. So I sat… I wrote… I wrote some more… Then, I deleted it all. Yes, you read that right. My own writing today just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t get the story perfect, so I trashed it and decided to complete a few projects around the house.

I still had a few boxes left to unpack sitting in the garage, so I bit the bullet and started cleaning them out. In one of the boxes, I found Holt’s writing folder when he was in the fifth grade. As I read through the stories, I laughed and I cried. Just about every story had three main themes: sports, friends, and food. Three of Holt Rowland’s most favorite things!

As I read through the drafts, one particular story caught my attention. So, I decided that today’s perfect blog story would be told by none other than the namesake of this foundation, Holt Rowland…….in his own words.


One sunny Monday in May, Seth Jordan was walking across the Junior High School of Parkview. Seth was very popular. He was the captain of the baseball, football, and basketball teams.

There was another kid named John. He was not so smart and got made fun of. John always wanted to try out for a sport, but Principal Young said, “You can try out next year.” The next season came and John tried out. The coach had to cut one player, so he chose to cut John. Seth told the coach, “Coach, you cut me and let John play. I will help him study.”

Seth helped John study and they became good friends. A few weeks later, John was not talking to Seth any more. John didn’t show up when he was supposed to study. Basketball season went very well for John, but he never thanked Seth for helping him.

When football season came, John tried out and made it, but guess who the coach cut?! The coach cut Seth!! Seth was so mad!

Soon John was not acting like himself.  He looked like something was wrong. Soon Seth’s friends quit hanging out with him. They said he was not cool enough to hang out with them. John was cool enough though!! Seth was starting to get jealous.

The next day was graduation day. There were other people rubbing it in Seth’s face and he got very, very upset because his friends had turned away from him because of John. Seth went to the Honor’s Day even though he was still upset. When they called John’s name, he walked on the stage. He was looking right at Seth. John told the most wonderful speech ever. Seth’s heart felt like it had been dropped. He started crying because John talked about Seth the whole time. He thanked Seth, and he gave him a big hug.   Just kidding!!  Seth felt like a fool. Seth and John became very good friends!!


I couldn’t have written anything better myself.  Just like Holt always tells me, “Mama, leave the talking to me!”