Leave a Special Mark For Good

Your donation to the Holt’s House general fund helps to support the operations cost of the ministry which includes Dominican staff (security, cooks, and  missionaries who help disciple our kids), utilities, and resources used to run our ministries 5 days a week.

Your support will help to feed meals to boys and girls each time they meet at Holt’s House. For many of the boys and girls, the hot meals at Holt’s House are the only hot, nutritious meals they get throughout the week.

Your support provides rice and beans along with supplies for families in a neighboring Haitian village. The village has expanded over the past year and has become an outreach project for some of the mission teams who visit Holt’s House. It would cost over $350 to feed the village for one month.

The “Always Bags” ministry is a new ministry at Holt’s House. A struggle for many of our girls is not having what they need each month and missing school because of it. These bags contain sanitary napkins and other supplies our girls might need. They simply take a bag full of supplies and when the supplies are gone, they return the bag and we refill it- no questions asked.