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Plans change. Life gets disrupted. You are looking for a fast ball down the middle only to see a curve ball instead. It looks like a pitch you will easily be able to take out of the park because it is right in the strike zone, but before you know it, when you are...

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New Normal

For people who know my husband and me, you know that neither Dave nor I are big talkers. We are not people who like the spotlight or attention. Often times, we are the ones choosing to listen to others rather than speaking ourselves. I am sure my students at school...

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As the parent of a baseball player, I can definitely say that there is a hopeful expectation that sets in right after Christmas and New Years have passed. When lots of people are feeling kind of sad and deflated after the excitement of the holidays, the parent of a...

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He Knows

Every school teacher dreads it. As soon as the red, white, and blue flag decorations come down and the Fourth of July commercials stop airing, we begin to sense it. The respite of summer vacation quickly coming to an end. Soon it will be time for kids to go back to...

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Just a Few Answers I Can Give

I remember, over two years ago, I sat down to write my second blog post. My first blog post had been posted only a few days before, so I felt then that I needed to quickly clarify that although I write about stories from my life and our family, I am in no way calling...

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Set Free

Late yesterday afternoon, I walked outside to empty my mop bucket and rinse out my mop. Of course, in the midst of doing so I got distracted and remembered something I had been noticing for the past few weeks in our backyard. We have a lot of woods right behind our...

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