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Step by Step

I like to run. Let me rephrase that statement; I like to run when I know that I am near the end of my trail. I feel so good when my run is over and done. It's great stress relief for me; I learned that back when Holt Rowland started high school. Stress from life,...

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A Lesson I Needed

I'm one of those people, shamefully I admit it, who had a hard time supporting so many ministries and mission trips outside of the United States. I am proud to live in the country where I live: "The land of the free and the home of the brave." Somehow in my mind, I...

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The Land of the Living

Did the prophet Ezekiel feel similar to the way I feel today when God showed him the valley full of dry, decayed bones? I desperately wonder if Ezekiel was near the bottom of his barrel of encouragement when God gave him this timely vision. Was he feeling like he was...

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Holding Steady

I think being a bit of a "daredevil" is part of every young boy, at least I know it's part of my two young gentlemen. They have always enjoyed the thrill of riding their bikes fast or trying to jump over things while riding on a skateboard. Higher and higher they...

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One summer, I don't know what possessed me, I decided that I was going to accelerate turning my two young sons into two young gentlemen. Now I know what you are thinking, what would make you think you could turn a normal seven year old and an eleven year old into two...

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Untold Stories

A line in the sand, I've drawn one before. That symbolic line that says, "No more; I will not cross it." Times when I think too much about life and wonder. Times when I have more questions than answers. Times when I just can't get past the hurt associated with grief. ...

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