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Are You Ready for Draft Day?

Holt’s House of Hope’s All-Star Team continues to recruite team members for our new sponsorship program. Holt’s House of Hope provides refuge, restoration, and hope to over 100 kids from Boca Chica each week. It is our hope to find team members to sponsor each and every one of our boys and girls. If you would like to be drafted for the team, sign up to sponsor a girl, boy, or both today!!!

Holt’s All-Star Team

At Holt’s House of Hope, we offer two levels of team membership: Player or Coach. By placing your name on our roster, you give a child access to hot nutrious meals, spiritual guidance, educational support, and encouragment at both levels. Becoming a Coach offers your sponsored boy or girl the added benefit of medical assistance and school support including uniforms and supplies which are necessary for school attendance in Boca Chica. Most importantly, your prayers and encouragement as part of Holt’s All-Star Team can offer hope to children who sometimes feel their situation is hopeless. 

Boys and Girls at Holt's House


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Our Mission

     The mission of The Holt Rowland Foundation is to advance the educational, spiritual, and athletic aspirations of youth in Pierce County, surrounding counties, and internationally. The namesake of the foundation, Holt Rowland, displayed each characteristic. It is in his honor and memory that we wish to assist in developing the full potential of youth in our community and our world.





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Leaving a Mark for Good!

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